TUNE-UPS – All prices are labor only.  Parts extra.


“The Spenard” ($75.00) – Our basic once-over which includes a safety check, and all adjustments i.e

cables, shifting, brakes, minor wheel truing.


“The Kitchen Sink” ($150) – Our advanced tune includes all checkpoints in “The Spenard” plus

disassembly, cleaning and lubrication of drivetrain.


“Rollin Solo” ($50.00) – Singlespeed tune with safety checks.



“Ease the pain, let’er drain” ($15-$40 ea) – Hydraulic Brake Bleed.

“The wheelie” ($75 ea) – Custom Wheel Build

“Burning Rubber” ($10.00) – Tire/Tube change


$25 INSTALLATIONS  –    Headset, Bottom Bracket, Rack and Fenders

* Other services available upon request.


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