Greg Matyas. Owner and Founder of Speedway, far and away the rowdiest shop in town. You won't find compression garments here. Some of Greg's greatest accomplishments are creating the modern fatbike, and creating the "I hate Jack Johnson" movement. Greg is an eight time state road and time trail champion, but spends most of his time wrestling wolves in the backcountry, designing products or riding gravel bikes.


Paul Gheen. Manager Paul, aka Tall Paul, aka Sugar Bear. Whatever you call him, he is the undisputed King of the Red Lantern. Nobody holds a candle to Paul's legendary status. He just seems to be more thirsty than all others.


Kevin Murphy, aka Boy Wonder is possibly Alaska's finest shredder, who also happens to love him some 80's anodizing. However, he's not quite able to hold his own around the keg when with the rest of our varsity crew. We love him anyway!


Harrison Law. Sheldon Brown used to call Harrison for advice and to discuss gain ratios. Harrison is an encyclopedia of knowledge, and it's not limited to cycling. One of the most interesting dudes around, and he can shred as well.