Bike Lines





The granddaddy of all modern fatbikes, we developed all the drivetrain standards and geometry used today. Our legendary handling is copied the world over. 




Yeti has been making premium mountain bikes for over three decades now, and their latest round of SB bikes are some of the finest pedaling and beautifully executed bikes on the market. 


Kona set the mtb world on fire with the 2013 Process. This long, low, and slack design is now the industry standard for shred sleds. Kona makes a bike for all styles, and is the greatest group of shredders and fun loving folks in the industry.





Pivot Cycles is dedicated to delivering the best riding experience possible. Based out of Tempe, AZ, they've created a versatile trail bike for riders looking for an impressive performance.






Born in the mountains of Los Angeles, CA and based out of Fort Collins, CO. They pride themselves on resilience and grit out on the trails. 



Rocky Mountain

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Rocky Mountain has been on the cutting edge of the rowdy scene since inception. Specializing in mtb, they make beautiful bikes that can handle everything you can throw at them. 



Evil bikes come out of Bellingham WA, just down the street from Kona, and these folks know how to party! Their legendary Dave Weigel designed Delta suspension platform receives rave reviews across the lineup.